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Working from home – Grant’s workbench

Some of you will be continuing to do silversmithing at home if you have tools and materials. I am lucky enough to have a workbench in our spare room so am continuing with projects.

My untidy workbench!

With a little workbench and modest range of  tools you can easily do projects here. The only problem maybe to get them polished although I am happy for you to use my tumbler or polisher.

(John adds – you don’t need a special workbench as you can buy bench pegs/ anvils that clip onto tables, suction cup vices and protective surfaces.  A creme brulee torch is fine for small silver joints – just take precautions for the fire hazard.  You can get quite cheap microdrills – Dremel or Proxxon or the big names – from Amazon or eBay for under £20 with an accessory kit that will help you polish.  Search for ‘electric mini rotatry drill’ on eBay for example.)


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